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Terra Beauté
Natural cosmetics for dogs and cats Terra Beauté

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    Anti-fungus cream Terra Beauty      Immediately rids the skin of fungal growth.  Soothes irritation.  Soothes itching. 30 ml   

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    The anti-itch mineral gel Relaxes the skin. Treats the cutaneous tissues. Relieves itching from the bites of ticks and fleas. 50ml.

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    Activates the circulation. De-stresses. Restores the beauty of the fur and prevents broken hairs. Strengthens the skin’s natural  barrier and facilitates moulting. Repels fleas and ticks. Cleanses deep down. Relieves irritations.

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  • 23,74 EUR In Stock

    Massage oil anti-aging Terra Beauty     Makes massaging easier.  Preserves and / or restores the skin’s natural elasticity.  Recovery after exertion and for elderly animals.  Recommended during pregnancy and after parturition.  Calms excitation during the period when the bitch is on heat.   30 ml  

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  • 12,31 EUR In Stock

    Mineral anti-aging bath for - Professionnal shampoo for dogs and cats - Terra Beauté     The shampoo anti-age mineral bath dissolves and eliminates dead skin cells and toxins. Cleanses the fur and skin pores deep down.  Gentle exfoliant action.

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  • 15,90 EUR In Stock

    Mineral care mask Terra Beauty     Soothes damaged skin.  Acts on the deep layers of the skin.  Combats scaly and seborrheic skin conditions.  Non-toxic if ingested.  120 ml   

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  • 20,76 EUR In Stock

    Mineral hydrating anti-aging gell Terra Beauty    Moisturises the skin deep down.  Increases the skin’s capacity to produce collagen.  Restores the skin’s natural elasticity and vitality.  Enhances the coat’s natural colour.  Made with natural ingredients: Dead Sea mineral water, Aloe Vera, coconut oil, nettle extract, pine oil, rosemary oil, Vitamin B3,...

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  • 24,03 EUR In Stock

    Foot pad protective cream Terra Beauty  Protects the foot pads.  Antiseptic and healing.  Renews the collagen.  Made with natural ingredients: Shea butter, bee’s wax, Aloe Vera, essential oils of castor, avocado, pine, tea, sesame. Dead Sea salt,  salicylic acid, vitamin E. 50 ml

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    The revitalising mineral lotion facilitates the natural moulting process. Nourishes the roots of the fur. Restores strength and vitality to the fur.  Protects hairless zones.

    14,64 EUR
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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items